SoftCW Code Practice Oscillator

Permits key activation via the serial or parallel port
Last uploaded 17 Jan 2013 as version 1.08
See the ReadMe for more information.

Screen shot

DOWNLOAD SoftCW.zip vers. 1.08

Having received a request for this, here I am making publicly available an ASIO-based code practice oscillator. Signals generated feature adjustable rise/fall times with raised cosine tapering and whole waves at chosen frequency cut at the zero crossings for a clean signal with negligible DC component. I am also making the source code available under a Creative Commons - Non-Commercial Use license so that the user may maintain or extend it. If you are a competent programmer and have added some cool new feature or fixed a bug, please send the new code to me that I might integrate it into the project. The code was complied under VS2008 on a Windows 7 platform. It should run on Windows XP but I have not bothered to test that as yet. There is also a non-free version available with the professional version of ASIOHost compiled into it, featuring 32 X less audio latency. Contact me for pricing. If you have any comments or problems with this please let me know.