MIDISynth Wave File Generator

A digital synthesizer that generates audio files from MIDI files.

Last updated 11 June 2024

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DOWNLOAD MIDISynth.zip vers. 1.78

MIDISynth is a musical synthesizer, otherwise known as a "Sequencer". It reads files that follow the standard MIDI file protocol (*.mid files) and synthesizes a musical output consistent with the musical performance described by the MIDI file. Some such files that show off MIDISynth to best advantage are included in the zip package.

The option is provided to load in an alternative to the default Even Tempered Scale tuning. Three different tunings are provided. Listen to Just Interval tuning or make up your own! See the ReadMe file to learn how.

You can also create and play your own scripts with the built in script processor. Instructions are included, as well as several scripts for an example. Jot down musical ideas, even compose whole songs that you then can convert to wav files. You can also create unique test tracks with precise harmonic content. Furthermore, you can convert any MIDI file to a script file. In this file you can see the notes and chords that song is composed of. You can modify it or even combine pieces of scripts to make a mash up or medley. A script editor is provided to facilitate the creation and modification of scripts.

The music generated by MIDISynth is captured in standard Windows ".wav" files that can be played by any music player. To operate MIDISynth simply select File->Open, load in some MIDI files or scripts, and MIDISynth will immediately begin to generate audio files from the input. That's all there is to it, but MIDISynth is capable of much more. Settings are provided to allow you to customize every parameter of the synthesizer's envelope and ambiance, as well as the dynamic range.

The envelope is what determines the timbre of a musical instrument (whether real or synthetic), and is shaped by the attack, decay, and the harmonic content. The "Envelope" menu item opens a dialog where you can change these parameters. The "Ambiance" dialog allows you to set delay, feedback, and mix to give a performance life, as if it were performed in a room, hall, or auditorium. You may save your configurations for envelope and ambiance so they will be loaded back in the next time you open MIDISynth.

Create a folder for the app and unzip the app into it. The app creates folders for the wav files it generates as well as for the configuration and log files. You may choose a verbose logging output to get a dump of all the notes in the order they are played. You may find this information interesting, especially if you are involved in MIDI in some way. If you are musically inclined, that listing could help you pick out those same notes on your guitar, piano, or keyboard, or convert it to a script you can modify.

MIDISynth generates 16 bit stereo audio files at whatever sample rate you choose.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback.